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Date: 1998-09-09

"Freunde des Teufels": GILC In Budapest, Teil II

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"Freunde des Teufels": GILC In Budapest, Teil II

Nachtrag zum mittel/ost/europäischen Kongress der Global
Internet Liberty Campaign. Was an einem verregneten Sonntag
in einem grauen Vorort in Budapest geschah...

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Datum: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 22:35:27 +0200 Von: n: GILC <>

"Friends of the Devil": GILC in Budapest, Part II

Sunday morning, September 6, showed up drizzling with rain &
grey skies lingering above the Central European University
building in Budapest. The second day of the GILC conference
"Outlook for Freedom, Privacy & Cicil Society on the
Internet in Central & Eastern Europe" started in a spirit
not unadequate. Western participants learnt from Hungarian,
Czech & Russian panel members about eastern rightwingers
riding campaigns by commonly denouncing internet users in
toto as "friends of the devil".

A thrilling note came in, when Sergei Smirnov (Human Rights
Network, Russia) concisely demonstrated "SORM", the upcoming
wiretapping network of the Russian spooks and delivered a
pretty pessimistic outlook on the near-future state of civil
liberties in the .ru domain. The counternote came from an EU
quadriga (cyber-rights uk,, ef spain, who could tell about some partial victories
over the leviathan - "the delicacy of censorship busting" as
Jean-Paul Marthoz (Human Rights Watch .be) had put it the
day before.

The final points were Wassenaar GILC declaration & a keynote
speech by Belgrade based Radio 92's Sasa Mirkovic saying in
plain words: "We use the internet as a weapon against an
authoritarian regime." Barry Steinhardt was already on his
way to the Baltics, when Jim Dempsey (CDT) closed the
meeting. East and West hit trains and planes and parted in
any directions to meet again next time: regardless of

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1998-09-09
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