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Date: 2002-08-05

UK: ISPs muessen Daten liefern

Die Deadline für Bereitstellung von Internet-Logfiles an den definierten Schnittstellen ist abgelaufen. Wohl dem, der einen Provider mit weniger als 10.000 Kunden hat.
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In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, ISPs throughout the United Kingdom will be required, beginning on August 1st, to be prepared to intercept and store electronic communications, including e-mails, faxes and web surfing data. The Act was introduced to give law enforcement authorities the same power to intercept digital communication as exists with respect to telephone calls and letters. Critics have pointed out a couple of flaws. First, the Home Office has not yet told ISPs how they will be compensated for performing their interception and storage duties. More significantly, though the Act was passed to fight terrorism and organized crime, it applies only to large ISPs. Anyone who wants to avoid interception merely needs to locate an ISP with less than 10,000 customers. For those ISPs subject to the law, they have one working day to provide a mechanism to intercept communications once an interception has been authorized. The ISP must transmit the intercepted data in real time to the individual who applied for the warrant and must be able to simultaneously intercept the communications of up to 1 in every 10,000 people who use its service. The text of the Act may be found at

[relayed by Suresh Ramasubramanian via Politech]

"Update on U.K. surveillance, more traffic data available"

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2002-08-05
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