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Date: 2000-07-16

Carnivore: Zur Lage an den IT-Schnittstellen

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Der ansonsten sehr recht&ordentliche Fred Cohen von der so
genannten SECEDU Mailing List hat angesichts des FBI-
Fleischfressers den Flammenwerfer angeworfen.

Was freilich der Carnivore für TCP/IP-Networks in den USA
ist, kann auch die Blackbox der Holländischen Polizei bei
den NL-Providern. Die ETSI-Standards für Abhör-
Schnittstellen in digitalen Switched Circuit Networks sind
bereits in der dritten Auflage ihrer Modernisierung, die
Standardisierung zum Angriff auf das UMTS-Netz hat eine
weltweite Allianz von sechs Standardisierern namens Third
Generation Partnership auch schon vorbereitet, in der ein
*interessantes* Groß/staaten/konglomerat versammelt ist


*************** FLAME ON - BIG TIME *****************

I am afraid that the FBI has now generated the necessary
force required to cause all US citizens to encrypt all of their
email. Normally, I prefer plaintext email because it is easier
to deal with, takes less CPU time, disk space, etc. and
doesn't depend on keeping keys in order to read the
historical records. But if the government is going to read all
my email - as I now believe they have been doing though this
mechanism - then I need to encrypt all my email by default -
simply to prevent making the mistake of letting someone in
the FBI see something that they are not supposed to have
access to. For example my emails to my wife when I am out
of town are private, as are my communications with my
children, as are my communications with government
sponsored research I do, as are the discussions I have with
folks from all over the world about security issues in their

I seem to recall that the FBI has done things like this before.
For example, they spied on Martin Luther King to try to dig
up dirt on him, and they have been used by politicians for a
wide range of purposes in the past. The agents I know kept
telling me that those days were over, but apparently they are

For many years I have decided to trust the critical
infrastructure providers with my privacy for normal
transactions, not because I think they are particularly
trustworthy, but because I figured they were unlikely to
aggregate informaiton about me, store it over a long period of
time, and because they probably had better things to do.
But now that I know that the FBI is listening to it all, and of
course I know that they preserve it and are able to search it, I
am done with that. I am afraid that all of our jobs in tracking
down bad guys is now going to be that much harder, and I
am now moving from my longstanding position of only
encrypting the really important stuff to encrypting it all - all of
the time - by default. For those of you that don't have PGP, I
guess you will have to start running it in order to read my
emails posted to the list...

As an aside, I am now advising all of my clients and the
general public to go to automated encryption of all emails all
the time. I am also switching all of my mailing lists (over
time) to systems that do not run through the FBI's
surveillance systems and encrypting all of that traffic using
things like secure shell to servers, etc. I would also advise
all of the list members in this forum - as well as the list itself -
to switch over to the cybercop area: on the espgroup's site:


> EarthLink will do FBI's surveillances itself > EarthLink
today said it has reached an agreement with > the FBI to
avoid future use of the email surveillance > device
"Carnivore," which disrupted Internet access > for some
EarthLink customers earlier this year. The > Atlanta-based
company, which has about 4.2 million > subscribers
nationwide, said it had installed the > snooping software for
the FBI at a data center in > Pasadena, Calif., earlier this
year after it lost > a decision on the matter in federal court. >

******************* FLAME OFF ********************
-.- -.-. --.-

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-07-16
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