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Date: 1999-09-12

Menschenjagd als Datamining

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Die Lektüre dieses Artikels aus dem Sydney Morning Herald
wird hochgradig empfohlen & wems dabei nicht mindestens
einmal schwurbelig ums Gemüt wird, dann kann der/die
kein/e Gute/r sein.

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Saturday, August 14, 1999
The case of Dennis highlights what is increasingly becoming
the world's - not just America's - crisis of confidence in
confidentiality, the inability of either business or government
to control the collection and trafficking in the most intimate
information about individuals. As Scott McNealy, chief
executive of the giant Sun Microsystems, declared arrogantly
earlier this year: "You have zero privacy. Get over it."

The process has been accelerated by the explosive growth of
commerce on the Internet - worldwide, it is expected to reach
$US45 billion ($70 billion) next year - where national
boundaries have been described as not even speed bumps
on the information superhighway. But it is by no means
confined to cyberspace.

Walk around any big Western city and you are under
continual surveillance by thousands of private and publicly
owned video cameras - in the shops, on the trains, on the
streets, at the football, even when you ride in a taxi. Installing
them is a $50 million-a-year industry in Sydney alone. And
for those who believe in privacy safeguards, check an Internet
clip called Slowcricket in which a security camera captures a
couple enjoying what they thought was unobserved sex in an
otherwise deserted section of a sports stadium.

Telephone your stockbroker, Telstra, the National Australia
Bank or any number of help lines and you will be told your
conversation may be recorded. Told, not asked. You won't be
told if yours is one of more than 1,000 Australian phones that
law enforcement agencies tapped by warrant last year, let
alone if your calls are among the millions monitored by
satellite with no safeguards at all under international security
arrangements, such as the Australia-US-UK Echelon

Fill in a warranty card, subscribe to a magazine, get a dog
licence - these are just a few of thousands of transactions
that can lead to information about you being sold, pooled and
computer cross-matched without your knowledge or consent
so that you can be targeted by direct marketing
organisations using mail, telephone or e-mail. Want 1,000
names of ethnic Greek trail-bike riders who buy oversize
designer clothes and believe in astrology? Not a problem.

Große Story

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published on: 1999-09-12
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