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Private Rasterung für Jedermann Druck mich
Date: 2002-12-12T16:30:36

Private Rasterung für Jedermann

Deti, ab sofort könnt Ihr ruhig schlafen ohne den Diebstahl Eurer Identität fürchten zu müssen. Dank VeriSign wird jetzt vor dem Online-Einkauf privat gerastert.
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So erzählt uns eine Presseaussendung über Consumer Authentication Service (CAS):
"The authentication data entered by the consumer is automatically routed using XML and encryption through VeriSign's services and checked against a wide variety of best of breed data sources to cross-verify and risk-rank consumer identity in real time. Verification of identity is then automatically communicated back to the enterprise application and to the consumer using underlying XML data."

liest man u. a.:

VeriSign Consumer Authentication Service (CAS)
By using CAS, enterprises have access to over 50 best of breed data sources (personal, credit, demographic and black list information) to cross verify and risk rank consumers real time. Verification is done using a range of authentication methods ranging from non-intrusive to preserve user experience, to interactive and more thorough methods for high value transactions. Furthermore, CAS offers different authentication methods from non-intrusive to interactive to meet different business needs, and complies with major federal regulations and privacy regulations such as Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, US Patriot Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act By using standard industry protocols (HTTPS, SSL and XML), CAS is easy to integrate [blabla...]

Süße Träume wünscht Eure

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