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Date: 1998-12-19

NSA: Organigramm aufgetaucht

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Gleichsam als krönenden Abschluss eines Jahrs, das soviel
Informationen wie kaum eines zuvor über den
militärisch/elektronischen Komplex in die Öffentlichkeit
gebracht hat, komt nun ein Organigramm der National
Security Agency ans Licht.
Aufgestöbert wurde es vom Defense Information and
Electronics Report, gehostet wird es auf Lieblings/site aller
Echelon-Busters, John Young's Cryptome.
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Adam Hebert
December 18, 1998 Readers curious about the inner
workings of the super-secret National Security Agency may
be curious about the roles of the assorted divisions NSA
references from time to time. Within the realm of information
systems security, NSA makes cryptic references to divisions
such as "X," "I3," and "C" -- typically without an explanation
of what they are or what they do. Wondering this ourselves,
we contacted NSA public affairs and asked for an

Several days later, the NSA response to our query was, "we don't normally divulge that information." Explanations that Defense Information and Electronics Report was not looking for sensitive data such as home telephone n
umbers -- just an organizational breakdown -- fell upon deaf ears. We were instructed we could make that request under the Freedom of Information Act.

So we turned to the FOIA Office, curious how responsive the agency might be. Less than two months later, we got our answer.

NSA supplied DI&ER with 13 pages of organizational charts, but all but two of hundreds of names are blacked-out. NSA revealed the Deputy Director for Information Systems Security is Michael Jacobs, and his assistant is Jo
hn Nagengast (no surprises there). Beyond that, all positions are to remain anonymous. NSA employees are still provided business cards, though, which they are free to distribute as they see fit. We've even got a couple ou

Interestingly, NSA did not conceal the office telephone numbers that appeared in the Research and Technology "R" division, and showed further equanimity by outlining the "R" mission -- to "manage a research & technology d
evelopment program that supports NSA's [signals intelligence] and INFOSEC missions."

As a public service to our readers, the information supplied is reprinted in this issue, with all unsightly black redaction marks removed. And in case you were wondering -- "X" is network security, "I3" is Defensive Infor
mation Operations, and "C" is Security Evaluation. (22K; 6 pp.)

[JYA Note: Though informative, the charts appear to diagram
only parts of NSA. We'd appreciate information on those
missing <>. Anonymous or encrypted mail
welcome. PGP public keys: .]

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1998-12-19
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