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Date: 2006-04-29

US: Online/Kifferjagd mit Kopfgeld

Einmal im Jahr trifft sich in Boulder/Colorado die studierende Jugend auf einem Flugfeld, um dort mit einem Kiff-In des Stoffverbots zu höhnen. Heraus kam eine Menschenjagd von Universität und Polizei mit Steckbrief/fotos kiffender Protestanten, pro Identifikation winkt dem Spitzel ein Kopfgeld 50 US-Dollar.
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Please see the link below, which will take you to the University of Colorado-Boulder Police Department's "Pictures of Students Smoking on 4/20" site. CU is offering rewards for students who attended the traditional 4/20 smoke-out on Farrand Field at CU and who are willing to snitch.


POSTED: 3:57 am MDT April 28, 2006 ABC 7 News on-line

BOULDER, Colo. -- University of Colorado police have posted 150 photos of people attending an annual gathering last week where hundreds smoked marijuana.

Police are offering $50 rewards for information about the people, many of whom are shown with hand-rolled cigarettes, glass pipes or bongs. One young man was photographed while he was streaking.

Authorities said the protesters they were trespassing on Farrand Field, which is surrounded by several dorms, despite signs and security posted to keep them away.

About 2,500 people attended the festive event, but police estimated less than half were using the drug. A local restaurant gave away sandwiches, while people dressed in costumes and danced to the beat of drums.

Die Foto-Galerie der Kiffer

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2006-04-29
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