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Date: 2004-04-25

Privacy - Newsticker vom 25.4.2004

newsdigest: US:Eine Gruppe von 14 Firmen stimmen einem neuen UHF-RFID-Frequenzstandard zu / US:Die 9/11-Kommision kritisiert die FBI-Überwachungen der letzten 3 Jahre um 85 % gestiegen sei / US:Praesident Bush bei der Kampagne Patroit Act in al Qaeda-Provisionszahlung verwickelt / Was tun Unternehmen für die Privatsphäre Ihrer Kunden
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A Group Agrees on UHF RFID Spectrum Range
Taking RFID standards approach to the international level a group of thirteen companies proposed a standard for short-range RFID transmissions in the ultra-high-frequency spectrum band. This is only one of several proposals for creating a communications protocol for RFID that could set the stage for standardization of global RFID communications. If successful this would mean that international transactions that involve shipping of goods from one location on the globe to another could be electronically tracked as it moves across the world.


9/11 Commission Says DOJ finding it Hard to Keep Up with FBI Surveillance Requests
The Commission investigating the 9/11 attacks reports that the number of FBI request for surveillance has gone up 85% over the past three years. This rate according to the Commission is taxing the Justice Departments ability to keep up with requests. Once the warrants are approved the FBI is said to be lacking agents and other personnel to follow up. This kind of news could result in more funding to the FBI from Congress and the Administration.


Pres. Bush Wants to Make Some Patriot Act Provisions Permanent
While attending a campaign event in Buffalo, New York, where the first successful prosecution under the Patriot Act took place that he would like to see certain provisions of the Patriot Act due to expire next year become permanent. That case involved six Arab-Americans who pleaded guilty of violating the law by visiting a al Qaeda training camp in Afgahanistan prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks.


How Are Companies Doing at Protecting Customer Privacy?
Not very well, according to Dan Gillmor. He faults IT as the source of the problems that are routinely reported in the news, when accounts of privacy breeches are disclosed. However, he also points out that IT has to be the solution for stopping the theft and unintentional disclosure of customer information. Gillmor sites the offshoring trend as a source of possible problems that could further complicate the ability of companies to assure customers of privacy.



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edited by Doser
published on: 2004-04-25
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