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Date: 2004-01-07

PlumbO: Frits Bolkestein, Daten-Pudel

Das US- Ministerium für Heimatschutz hat bestätigt, dass eine täglich wachsende Zahl von personenbezogenen Datensätzen [PNR] europäischer Bürger als Testmaterial für das CAPPS II-System benutzt wird. Wir danken schön, Herr Kommissar, für den durch Ihr Abkommen erzielten "bestmöglichen Schutz der Daten europäischer Bürger".
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For the completion of a task the Right Honourable Christopher Patten, External Relations Commissioner started, Mr. Frits Bolkestein is herewith being awarded the "Passenger Name Records Data Poodle" coming with the "Star Spangled Wreath for Completing Dummy Data Deals"

PlumbO Bolkestein
PlumbO Patten
Both commissioners were clad and decorated by Zazie
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Thank you, EU Commissioner Bolkestein for assuring us on December 16 2003 that European passenger name records [PNR] would not be fed into the US computer assisted passenger prescreening system CAPPS II. Three weeks later the US-Department of Homeland Security officially states that personal data of European airline passengers are already being fed into that system for testing purposes.

Commissioner Bolkestein called the EU-effort an "important success". CAPPSII would only be considered in a second round of discussions which is still to come.

Now the "Chief Privacy Officer" of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has confirmed that European passenger name records are already being fed into CAPPS II "to test - and only to test - CAPPS II" as "the language of the agreement contemplates" that.

So thousands of personal datasets of European citizens are being fed everyday into a US datamining-system that has not even been approved by US Congress - for "testing reasons".

Treating them as dummy data, or should we say "data-trash?"

Is this what you meant by a "sound legal framework for PNR transfers to the United States that ensures the best possible protection to EU citizens"?

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2004-01-07
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