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Date: 2003-09-14

US: IP gegen eVoting-Kritiker

Webseiten auf der Dokumentation und Kritik der digitalen US-Abstimmautomaten und deren leichte Manipulierbarkeit - die Datenbank ist eine M$-Access-Datenbankdatei und die Software hat wohl ein Hintertuerchen - werden vom Hersteller "Diebold Inc." bedroht. Den Betreibern wird vorgeworfen, "Diebold Property" zu verletzen. Die Wahlautomaten werden in 37 Bundesstaaten eingesetzt. Mirror werden noch gesucht!
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All files yanked by webhost at request of Diebold, Inc.

A copy of the email is below. I received this 28 hours after the now-vanished files went live.

While I am not a legal professional in any way, I firmly believe that these files, while copyrighted, carry credible evidence of illegal vote-accessing activity and thus are not covered under the DCMA due to the "dirty hands" defense, which disallows an entity seeking damages in cases involving illegal activities connected to that which is being protected.

I furthermore adamantly oppose the secrecy and unlawful proliferation of voting machines lacking in an auditable, transparent paper backup trail as mandated by law via the Helping Americans Vote Act. I refuse to stand by and watch our voting rights be subverted, controlled, and ultimately destroyed.

I will post further updates, should they become available.



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edited by Abdul Alhazred
published on: 2003-09-14
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