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Date: 2003-01-23

DK/FR: Big Brother Awards Results

FR ist nachgerade bereits historisch, DK auf dem Weg dazu. Wir sagen mal: dieses Movement ist nicht aufzuhalten. Heute waren die aust/riak/ischen Kakerlaken samt Erwähnung der Awards Gewinner [Minister Strasser und Gehrer] der so genannten "Kronenzeitung" einen Mehr/spalt/er wert. Online haben wir die betreffende Zeichenfolge noch nicht gefunden.
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Die Kamera, die unsere Lieblinge zeigt [momentan isses artgemäß finster gehalten. Echte und anerkannte Künstler pflegen sie [ca 2 m Luftlinie von der q/base im Museumsquartier]

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it has been a great night. just before leaving to bed,
i lay down a short summary: worst public figures, 2 education
ministers (former socialist), for putting violence counting software
mandatory in schools while human workforce is slashed; worst company:
carrefour, the giant retail group, and its money recovery service
contractant for discriminatory practises; worst local policy, Lyon,
where NY-like anticrime measures have led to over a 100 cctv in
action, and an electronic transport system that is near perfection
by BB standards; worst technology a software tool dedicated to local
crime prevention;

the surprise du chef was the eviction of the home secretary Nicolas
Sarkozy, declared "hors concours" by the jury for "doping" and
"exhibitionism""Sarkozy" you feel "Mr Securité", so a BB Award would have
been too
much. The Lifetime award came to Alain Bauer - a shadow security
consultant, very influent man in political circles, who spreads
NY-like anticrime war and sells its advice to cities and private
the jury gave also 5 nice awards:

on line in french

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2003-01-23
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