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UK: 11 jaehriges Maedchen bekommt Trackerimplantat Druck mich
Date: 2002-09-03T11:41:15

UK: 11 jaehriges Maedchen bekommt Trackerimplantat

Sehr schoen auch der Vorschlag vom Erfinder der Chips, man sollte das doch generell fuer alle Kinder in UK in Betracht ziehen. Wie gesundheitsgefaehrdent so ein Chip ist und das es wohl noch Probleme mit der Energieversorgung gibt, scheint den Eltern egal zu sein; Wichtig ist nur dass ihre Tochter in virtueller Sicherheit ist und die Eltern sich nun besser fuehlen. Gewoehnen wir die Kinder schonmal an eine Totalueberwachung. Ist ja alles zu ihrer Sicherheit und zwischen Kindern und Autos besteht ja auch kein Unterschied.
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Girl to get tracker implant to ease parents' fears
The parents of an 11-year-old girl are to take the extraordinary step of having her fitted with a microchip so that her movements can be traced if she is abducted.
The miniature chip will apparently send a signal via a mobile phone network to a computer, which will be able to pinpoint her location on an electronic map.
Mrs Duval did not accept that the family were panicking or overreacting, saying it was only sensible for a parent to use technology when it was available. "If a car is stolen, it can be fitted with a computer to enable it to be tracked - so why not apply the same principle to finding missing children?" she said.
The designer of the chip, Kevin Warwick of the cybernetics department at Reading University,..has called for an urgent government debate on the issue, and believes ministers should consider implants for all children.
Professor Warwick said there were a few technological problems to be ironed out, including exactly how to recharge the chip's battery,
Danielle...said..."I will feel so much safer knowing that mum and dad could find me in an emergency. The professor said the chip won't hurt, so that's OK."


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relayed by Abdul Alhazred
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