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Date: 2002-07-12

US: Six/Four fuer Anonymitaet im Netz

Die Hackegruppe Hacktivismo[1] will auf der H2K2 [2] ihr neues P2P-Protokoll vorstellen. Das besondere ist, das sich dieses Protokoll wie ein VPN verhaelt und so nicht nur fuer Filesharing sondern auch fuer alle anderen Internetdienste nutzbar sein soll. Man darf gespannt sein, ob Six/four nicht auch so langsam wie sein Kollege Freenet[3] ist. PS: Ein IT-Exec bezeichnet die CotDC Leute als Anarchisten. Nein wie gemein. [1] [2] [3]
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[...] The group will publish the Six/Four code on its website in early August to coincide with Las Vegas' DefCon security confab. [...] Six/Four combines peer-to-peer technologies with virtual private networking and the "open proxy" method for masking online identities to provide ultra-anonymous Internet access. [...] "It's like a highway that's redesigned for every Brinks truck that rides on it," said Oxblood Ruffin, Hacktivismo's founder. [...] John Henson, chief scientist of the peer-to-peer software maker Open Cola, added, "It's at least a first crack at a working model of the next phase of the Internet -- secure communications by trusted peers over an untrusted network." [...] "...These guys happen to be anarchists. They should just admit it," said an IT executive at a Fortune 500 company. [...] After the August introduction, Six/Four will undergo a public peer-review process. Ruffin said an official release should be ready in the fall. Mehr:,1848,53799,00.html
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edited by Abdul Alhazred
published on: 2002-07-12
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