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AU: Cyber-Jihad Propaganda Druck mich
Date: 2002-05-11T21:38:20

AU: Cyber-Jihad Propaganda

Auf der Konferenz über globalen Terror haben am anderen Ende der Welt zwei so genannte Experten ordentlich ins Horn gestoßen.
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A "CYBER jihad" could be launched against the West as terrorists moved from the real world to an internet-based virtual world, a US expert warns. Michele Zanini, a consultant with the think-tank McKinsey and Company, said terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda were already making huge use of the web for communications, propaganda, recruitment and target data. Another expert, Rand Europe senior policy analyst Kevin O'Brien said there was potential for terrorists to cause huge losses to the West by damaging information technology systems. Dr Zanini and Dr O'Brien were speaking at an international conference on global terror in Hobart. [...] Both experts said newer terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and Hamas were different to earlier ones that had been hierarchical and bureaucratic. Al-Qaeda was a fluid network of semi-autonomous groups, hard to pin down and with links to about 20 other groups. In the wake of September 11, it was clear terrorists were using the internet as a weapon of war, the experts said. [...] They made and moved money on it and were suspected of even manipulating stocks for profit. They could also use it for worldwide planning and coordination, propaganda, psychological terrorism and rumour-mongering. Rogue states could equally use it and China and Taiwan were already battling a cyber war, according to the experts. [...] Dr O'Brien said much more co-operation and information-sharing between governments and business was needed to combat the threats. [...] Mehr,4057,4286006%255E15318,00.html
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