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Date: 2002-04-20

CFP2002 - sarkastisches Resumee

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"Die Copyrightkriege werden schmutziger", so resümierte Danny O'Brien
[UK] das Leitthema der Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference 2002.
Hollywood aber sei nämlich hinter dem Hattrick her und wolle Freiheit,
Privatsphäre und Computer usurpieren. John Perry Barlow habe vor lauter
Empörung darüber zur Abwechslung einmal keinen Unsinn geredet, schreibt
Danny auf seiner höchst empfehlenswerten wöchentlichen List ntk [need to

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It's only when you see all the main combatants piled into the same room at
realise just how dirty the copyright wars have become. Itinerant EFF reps,
ricocheting from LA's Copy Protection Technology Working Group, struggling
with the culture-shock: blank-faced Hollywood apparatchiks plotting the
downfall of open computing there, geeks open-mouthed with horror here. Pro-
DMCAer Allan Adler of the Association of American Publishers inadvertedly
spurring everyone on by declaiming that the audience had "no right to access
copyrighted material" - even copyrighted material in their own homes. Some
other IP stooge backtracking from the mob by stating that the US just *had*
to introduce the DMCA because of "international treaties". (Well, that's odd:
they tell us the neoDMCA proposals in the EC is there because the US did it
first.) Phil Zimmermann, patient as ever, trying to break it to the media
barons that the software industry *tried* this copy protection lark back in the
Eighties and if it didn't work for Leisure Suit Larry, it won't work for "Blade II".
John Perry Barlow, so shocked and upset he starts talking sense. And the
more the CFPers confer, the more they seemed to realise that Hollywood is
going for the hat-trick: taking away freedom, privacy *and* computers. Pretty
impressive. But only if they manage it. - spot the Brits - deep, deep, blogging
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2002-04-20
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