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Date: 2001-09-28

Perfid: Terroristen haben kommuniziert

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Natürlich ist auch einem so genannten Sozialdemokraten wie Herrn
Jospin nichts anderes eingefallen, als das Internet zu
verdächtigen, es wäre zum Zwecke der Kommunikation unter
Terroristen missbraucht worden. Wahrscheinlich haben die sogar -
zu Hülf - hochgeheime Verschlüsselungsprogramme benützt, die
es kaum irgendwo gibt.

Oder es wurden verdächtig anonyme HiTechTelefonzellen einem
kommunikativen Missbrauch zu Terrorz/wecken zugeführt.

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Jospin Sees Need for More Cyber Snooping, But Also More
Attention to Issues of Privacy Thursday, September 27, 2001 -
reported by E-Commerce Daily, A BNA Monitoring Service

PARIS--French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin closed an international
meeting of privacy watchdogs Sept. 26 by urging governments to
expand law enforcement's ability to eavesdrop in cyberspace, but
also to take greater steps to ensure against violations of personal

The emerging response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks--and its
impacts on personal privacy--was the principal item of discussion
throughout the Sept. 24-26 conference, attended by more than 500
government and law enforcement officials, business leaders,
privacy advocates and academics.

Jospin's speech was in the mainstream of views offered by data
commissioners. The French Prime Minister said that evidence the
Internet had been used to plan the terrorist attacks justified the
extension of surveillance powers. But he insisted that government
create special oversight procedures as a "necessary counter-
balance" to any new wiretap powers.

Freedom vs. Security

Similarly, Jospin admitted the inconsistencies posed by a
liberalization of crytography for individual use and the recognition
that criminal or terrorist organizations may also use such tools to
encode their on-line activities. "The possibility for criminals to use
these techniques, which are now available to all, justifies the
adoption of judicial means to the fight against this new form of
crime," Jospin said.

Jospin also called for the creation of a harmonized international
framework on cybercrime, a message delivered to the conference
Sept. 24 by French President Jacques Chirac. Jospin took Chirac's
call a step further, noting that governments should agree not to
tolerate the use of the Internet for the transmission of racist, anti-
Semitic, negationist or other forms of hate speech.

Jospin's closing address also hit on a number of other issues on
the conference agenda. He suggested that company
cybersurveillance be subject to strict regulation, echoing
comments from panelists in a Sept. 25 conference on privacy in
the workplace, and urged the European Union to consider drafting
legislation that would forbid the sale of personal health or medical
data without the express prior consent of patients.

Formal Discussions in Future

Next year's 24th International Conference of Data Protection and
Privacy Commissioners--scheduled for Sept. 9-11, 2002, in Cardiff,
Wales, the United Kingdom--will take place in more formal
circumstances after closed-door discussions between government
officials led to the creation of a new body: the International
Conference of Data Protection Authorities.

A charter for the new multilateral personal data protection authority
establishes rules defining the type of independent governmental
bodies eligible for membership and the level of legal and
adminstrative competence such bodies must have.

The Paris Agreement also establishes a "credentials committee"
charged with examining applications for membership and a system
of auto-evaluation for existing members.

Further information on the 23rd International Conference of Data
Protection Commissioners, as well as the new International
Conference of Data Protection Authorities, is available via Internet:
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2001-09-28
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