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Date: 2001-08-26

cu_spook3: Antwort an das Home Office

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Das war die Antwort auf den zur Mail geronnenen Wutanfall eines
Bürokraten aus dem britischen Innenministerium, der in den
einschlägigen ETSI-Arbeitsgruppen mindestens seit 1997 sein
Wesen treibt.

Tipp: Je weiter man hinunterkommt, desto lustiger wirds.

Ob es den in diesem Mail/wechsel öfter erwähnten "Theo Metzger"
beim deutschen Telekom-Regulationsbüro wirklich gibt, wird in
einer der nexten q/depeschen zu lesen sein.

Vorgeschichte I

Vorgeschichte II


[Hier hat sich ein kleiner Fehler im Online-Tool eingeschlichen, der
am Wochenende nicht korrigierbar war und hoffentlich bald
msg01589 und msg 01590 wieder vereint]
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From: Erich M <> To: R R Thorogood
<> Subject: Re: LSE Forum on
Surveillance by Design Date sent: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 20:18:20

On 11 Oct 00, at 9:07, R R Thorogood added to the bitstream:

> Was it Gus Hosein who said at the start of his presentation
"there are > three rules of presentations" ? > > I believe there are
four - the first of which is "read the delegate > list". > > You were
obviously not aware that in the audience there were three members
> of the ETSI Lawful Interception drafting group and one member of
the > ILETS/PCWG group.

Dear Mr. Thorogood,

May assure you that I knew that you were there with your
colleagues Tom Johnston et al from ETSI Workgroup "Lawful
Interception" whilst you represented the Police Coordination
Working Group and the International Law Enforcement Telecom
Seminars [ILETS] without saying it publicly.

> We saw the ETSI document on the screen in which you quoted
the HI1 as > being the access point for the law enforcement
authorities (plural).You > construed this as being the LEAs world
wide. This is not what it says. It > is the LEAs in country.

The so called "International User Requirements" in Version ETSI
ETR 331 December 1996, Page 7, say: "This ETSI Technical
Report ... provides a set of requirements relating to handover
interfaces for the interception by law enforcement and state
security agencies". "State security agencies", Mr Thorogood, not
only police, as all this talk about "lawfulness" and only police being
involved always suggests: That was the point of my speech.

It is in a publicly available document on the ETSI server. There
must have been quite a few downloads from destinations worldwide
of this very document since I detected that [and numerous other]
infamous passages pretty early this year. So there would be no
use erasing that now.

All interception interfaces described in the ETSI SEC Workgroup
Lawful Interception documents are multi user interfaces.

I am sure that you are aware of the mutual legal assistance treaty
EU member states signed May 29 2000. It is yet unpublished but I
am sure that you are as well in possession of document COPEN
32 [last draft]. This treaty regulates interception matters across
European borders, so foreign LEAs [and certain agencies] will be
enabled to get access to interception interfaces in all kind of
routing and switching equipment.

> The IUR has always included the requirement for location

It was the IUR from 1996 I showed. The IUR Versions before ETSI
ETR 331, Dec 1996 did not include location explicitly. > > My
colleague Theo Metzger if definitely a member of RegTP - he has
phone, > fax and e-mails addresses there and I have been in his
office. Suggest you > visit Mainz and check.

This is great news, I think Mr. Metzger should inform also the staff
at the telefone switch boards of the German Telecom Regulation
Offices in Mainz and Saarbruecken of his existence. They did not
know a person of this name whenm I called them in July. I would
appreciate very much if you could hand me over his extension so I
could ask him for a statement I really could need for the publication
of my dossier.

I could do that as well during the ETSI SEC Lawful Interception
Working Group meeting on November 22 in Mainz, if I should be
invited to participate.

BTW: I tried to contact you without success on a UK fone number
0044207.....64 [As this e-mail goes unprotected I erase some of
the numbers] I found in another ETSI document. Is this outdated,

> Hope this helps.

I do hope so as well.

Yours sincerely I remain
Erich Moechel

-.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.-

- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-.
edited by Harkank
published on: 2001-08-26
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