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Date: 2001-01-15

1978: ECHELON fuer Kinder

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Attachiert sind drei historische Metaphern aus einer
versunkenen Zeit, als ein paar Kids mit umfrisierten
Kurzwellen/radios Kommunikationen auffingen, die gar nicht
an sie gerichtet waren. Darunter waren auch militärische
Stationen aus aller Welt, die zum ECHELON-Komplex
gerechnet werden. Es ist eine Antwort auf Duncan Campells
Klarstellung von gestern:

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From: "Erich M" <> To: Date sent: Sun, 14 Jan
2001 01:14:43 +0100 Subject: Re: Commentary on the
evdidence for Echelon Priority

On 13 Jan 01, at 1:19, Duncan Campbell added to the
bitstream: > > I do believe that RHYOLITE once orbited our
skies. What I don’t believe in > is bizarre theories of global
illuminati sourced in nothing at all and > advanced in
comprehensive disregard of available evidence.

To the whole really lucid posting of Duncan I just would like 2
add three historic metaphors. Pls don't be impatient, if they
seem 2 be a bit far fetched in the beginning. For reasons of
logic the real bad news are way down at the end:

<metaphor 1>

As to the amazing interception capabilities of past
anaologous HF transmissions of any kind by satellites or

Right in front of me is a bunch of letters and coloured post
cards from Saudi Arabia to New Zealand, from the US to the
Carribbean confirming my interception of non public
transmissions of telecommunications on shortwave:
telecoms, cable & wireless, naval, aviation & military
"broadcasters" around the world.

In short every kind of communications that was later relayed
by satellites in the 80ies and 90ies.

We reported our intercepting their communications then with
all data [frequencies, quality of interception according to the
SINFO/SINPO code, weather, equipment] by snail mail, if we
were lucky they responded the same way. We treated them
as real shortwave *broadcasting* stations like the BBC who
were always are very much in favour of getting reports from
their listeners.

One of the confirmation letters [QSL as it is called] by
"CPORS J.A. DELL. chief petty officer radio supervisor
HMNZS IRIRANGI WAIORU" dated 7 March 1978 says:

"Dear Mr Mochel I can confirm that the VVV VVV VVV
ZLP2... heard by you at 1130 GMT on 21 February 1978, was
a broadcast call tape radiated by the Naval Communication
Station at Waioru New Zealand. The above transmission is
radiated during quiet periods to inform ships of the
frequencies in use. The transmitter... was a type CTH 7,
manufactured by Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Limited,
has a power output of 5 KW and uses an omnidirectional
quadrant aerial. The transmissions were made on the
frequency of 17172.2 Khz" and so on...

During the *non quiet* periods we frequently intercepted the
real & always unencrypted communications of stations of all
types on the same frequencies as the tapes were
"broadcast" - that one was in morse code, most of them
voice - without having any use for knowing the contents.

For a QSL request you had to emphasize that you just
intercepted the cq cq cq or vvv broadcast tapes inbetween
AND NOT the conversations.

When Nicky Hager was here in Austria summer 2000 he told
me that Irirangi was the sister station to NZ ECHELON
eavesdropping base Waihopai, really amazing ;)

I intercepted New Zealand's Irirangi naval base - them using a
ridiculous power of 5 KW - on the other side of the globe,
namely in Austria, equipped with a then less than 400 USD
worth communications receiver Barlow Wadley XCR 30
manufactured in South Africa 1975 or so. The antenna in use
was a naked 15 meter wire out of my window to the
neighbouring roof.

<end of metaphor one>

Right before the gulf war, satellite telephone calls around
christmas and the new year 1991 from GIs in Saudi arabia
crammed all existing satellite channels so they had to
reopen the more or less abandoned directed shortwave
transmission lines. We got the frequencies most likely in use
as early as October 1990 from british & scottish ham radio
operators in printed booklets you could mail- order in
Edinburgh for a small sum.

It was amazing what kind of names, places and even
weapons were outspoken freely - where the GIs were located
and *anything* else.

Two weeks later we listened to US bomber squads taking off
from Incirlik airbase in Turkey talking to the tower radio
station. Contents? "alfa bravo charlie sixtyniner" and so on.
Nothing useful, so to say. [The Brits used "indigo" instead of
"india" to characterize the letter "i" but you could tell better
from their accent that they were British.]

I worked as a media critic then for "Der Standard" and wrote
a commentary every day about tv, info-war and Peter Arnett,
about CNNs two channel digital [ISDN?] and INMARSAT
connections to the world.

<end of metaphor two>

Very few years ago - i think two - a guy named [his
real name is Christian Maas] took a HF receiver/scanner
ARO 5000, added two other pieces of equipment including a
fax converter plus a low level PC and made some news
around here in Europe. The whole crap worth less than 3000
Dollars brought fone calls & faxes in clear text en masse
from the INMARSAT channels all over the globe. Contents of
the calls & faxes? Mysterious, unclear - tons of human
research hours would have been needed to get anything real
out of it.

<end of metaphor three, beginning of the real bad news>

Parameters have significantly changed since the analogous
era. A spy agency's strategy operating mainly from the skies
to intercept as a routine e.g. GSM-Networks must be
considered brain-dead nowadays. Way too much computing
power needed to do it from outside.

They use that method in countries where they aren't in,
anywhere else they use roaming gateways and other
interfaces *inside* the networks. This is the only way to get
useful intelligence out of the traffic.

It is the same false public conception Duncan regrets as to
ECHELON being the giant spy system that sucks up all
information, especially private fone calls worldwide. No way
to process that, no way to get serious intelligence out of that
with reasonable costs.

What is bad? As soon as they have finalized docking onto
the switched circuit [GSM,ISDN] & then packet switched
digital [GPRS,UMTS] networks of the [soon to become :
former] civil societies time & technologies work 4 them.
Nowadays they are primarily interested in traffic data [who
communicated with whom when how often & where] because
they can process those data close to real time.

They use data mining methods, schemata, patterns
generated by algorithms as a means of social control to
detect "deviant behaviour". That is the point imho.

The upcoming age of interception has little to do with the
adventurous past of amateurism & interception from the

The upcoming danger is from the process-these-slim-
information-bits- and-create-an-individual-pattern-to-control-
society-department. They can do that and there4 they do it.
tnx 4 ur patience & a pleasant night

-.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.-

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published on: 2001-01-15
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