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Date: 2001-01-07

"Cyber-Crime": Fantastillionen des FBI

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Wieder einmal ist es Michael Vatis, unermüdlicher Direktor
des FBI eigenen National Infrastructure Protection Center,
der die nächste Hype lostritt. Angeblich verursacht "Cyber-
Crime" pro Jahr 1,6 Billionen Dollar Schaden - ein Schelm
oder gar selbst ein Cyber/krimi/neller wer diesen Zahlen
wenig Glauben schenkt.
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WASHINGTON -- The FBI announced Friday the completion
of a program that seeks to combat cybercrime by
encouraging companies to share information about Internet
attacks they have experienced.
By encouraging communication among tech companies, the
FBI hopes to reduce the impact of Internet crime, which
according to one estimate takes a $1.6 trillion bite annually
out of the global economy.

The FBI is currently investigating 1,200 cybercrime cases, up
from 450 in early 1998, said Michael Vatis, head of the FBI's
National Infrastructure Protection Center.

Attorney General Janet Reno said tech businesses and the
FBI must cooperate to fight cybercrime, and that the
InfraGard program was an important step.
InfraGard started as a pilot project in Cleveland in 1996.
Since then it has been expanded to all 56 regional FBI offices
and has attracted the participation of 500 companies.
Representatives of academic computer centers and tech
firms such as IBM sit on the board.

Participation in the program is free, Vatis said, but
companies must undergo a criminal background check
before they are admitted. Participating companies can
remain anonymous if they desire, and are not required to
share confidential information.
In addition to using the national online communication
system, InfraGard companies can organize local activities
such as seminars and workshops to better educate
themselves about Internet security.

Vatis said the InfraGard system was used last fall to alert
companies to the existence of "zombies," or hostile
computer programs, on their servers.

Zombies are used to launch denial-of-service attacks such as
the one that swamped Yahoo and other websites with
massive amounts of data last Februar

Full text,1283,41030,00.html

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2001-01-07
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