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Date: 2000-12-14

Reuters, ZDnet ueber Cybercrime

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Aufmacher bei ZDnet, sieg URL unten, Reuters bringt die
Story in Follow-Ups - der Europarat übt sich in Schweigen.

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Date sent: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 01:17:02 +0100 From: To:

Dear GILCers, Reuters is already circulating the US press
release here. As we have heard from sources unknown, there
will be be more & extensive news on


UPDATE 1-Cybercrime pact steps on privacy, groups say

(Updates with new objections from industry group in
paragraphs 5,6,7; removes secondary quote)

WASHINGTON, Dec 13 (Reuters) - Civil-liberties groups
blasted Wednesday a proposed treaty designed to build an
international framework for fighting computer crime, saying it
favored law enforcement at the expense of individual privacy.

The Global Internet Liberty Campaign, a coalition of 30
human- rights and technology groups, said the proposed
Convention on Cyber Crime would undermine network
security, reduce government accountability and improperly
lengthen the reach of law enforcement.

The coalition, which includes the American Civil Liberties
Union, voiced its concerns in in a letter to the head of the 41-
nation Council of Europe, which is wrapping up work on the
treaty after more than a decade. The United States has
endorsed the gist of the the pact.

Several aspects of the treaty "could lead to a chilling effect
on the free flow of ideas," the lett

er said.

Separately, the Center for Democracy and Technology, a civil-
liberties group funded by the high-tec

h industry, said the proposed treaty would expand
government powers to investigate and monitor all

sorts of crimes, not ju st those related to online activities.

"In substantial part, the convention is not about 'cyber-
crime,' it is about surveillance authorit

y and trans-border cooperation for all types of crimes," the
center said in a news release .

The treaty could allow governments to set design standards
to allow them to monitor easily digital communications
systems, stifling industry independence, the center said.

ZDnet Story,4586,2664493,00.html?chkpt=zdhpnews01

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-12-14
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