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Date: 2000-11-11

Europarat kneift bei "Cyber-Crime"

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Wie es aussieht, sind Vertreter des Europarats aka Council
of Europe aka COE derzeit schwer zu erreichen. Hintergrund
des 4wards ist, dass Meryem [GILC Mitglied IRIS FR] zu
einer UNESCO Konferenz geladen ist und dort mit einem
Vertreter des Europarats über das Cybercrime Abkommen
diskutieren sollte...

Noch mehr Hintergründe

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Date sent: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 21:54:36 +0100
From: "Erich M" <>
Subject: Re: COE and UNESCO Conference
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On 10 Nov 00, at 12:26, Meryem Marzouki added to the bitstream:

> Now let's have some fun with CoE :
> It could happen that I will discuss with nobody the cybercrime treaty
> issue, only presenting the problem and our views... At the begining, Peter
> Csonka, CoE director, accepted to participate. His name is written on the
> pre-programme. Then, when the organizer told him there will be civil
> society representatives, Peter Csonka was no more available, and he
> suggested than a representative from CoE expert committee will
> participate. Now, it seems that nobody is available from CoE :-)))

>In any case, I'm interested by any inputs on new developments
>reported yesterday by Erich on the list.

Dear Meryem & gang,

They duck and cover always then, when things are not in harmony
concerning a multilateral agreement. As to my knowledge in the G-7
[who actually started this cybercrime shit, led by the us] it should
be France & Germany [& most likely Japan] against US & UK
[FRENCHELON and the spy network of the German
Bundesnachrichtendienst cannot match the ECHELON effort in the
least ;] As usual officials in the Austrian ministry of justice would
not tell a word about which nation said what, but it seems pretty

The troubles in the G-7 rose from fears of mutual industry espionage
in the collected data - "trans border searches" is the point. At last
also the US worried those articles might internationally legalize
spying of other nations in the US ;]]

Especially parts of the treaty on technical matters show a degree of
ignorance that made me wonder why IT-industry would remain silent
for such a long time...

On monday there should be more news available, anybody else
here on the list with more intelligence?

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World-Information Forum
24 11 2000 Technisches Museum Wien
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-11-11
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