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Date: 2000-10-29

Europol/cop ueber "Cybercrime"

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Wenn man die Rechner der "Hacker" ausforsche, finde man
oft gleich daneben automatische Waffen, immer mehr
organisierte Kriminelle ließen sich VPNs bauen, und die
dümmsten Hacker machten dies auch noch gratis & bli & bla

post/scrypt: Dass dieser Cybercop im ehemaligen
Gestapo/hauptquartier von Den Haag hockt, wird auf eine
letzte Spur in dieser Welt noch vorhandener Gerechtigkeit

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THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Oct. 26 — Hunched over a
computer inside a building that once served as Gestapo
headquarters, Paulo Felix hunts down clues that he hopes
will lead him to Europe’s most hardened criminals. Though
Europol does not officially investigate cybercrimes, Felix is
the crime fighting agency’s resident expert. The
cybercriminals he pursues are hardly blue-haired, teen-aged
hackers or Web pranksters. Felix puts it this way: “Along
with their computers, they also have guns.”

A MEMBER the “Intelligence Analysis Department” at
Felix says he almost failed out of law school 10 years ago
because he was so busy teaching himself how to program.
He now gives seminars on cybercrime for companies and
government agencies all over the world; on Thursday, his
Europol ID dangled from his neck, attached to an “FBI
Academy” badge necklace. Europol's headquarters in The
Hague, now the center of cybercrime investigation across the
Continent, served as headquarters for the Gestapo during
World War II.

More and more frequently, when local police raid a location
where hackers are suspected of operating, weapons are
found near their computers, Felix said. “And we’re not talking
about 9 milimeter pistols. We’re talking about automatic
“Take a drug dealer. He is looking for ways to expand his
market, improve his distribution. He can use the Internet for
that,” Felix said. And criminals are increasingly recruiting
young computer hackers. “Say you want to create a secure,
private network to talk about drug deals. And you don’t know
how to do that. So what do you do?” he said. Felix said
many hackers have been approached by seemingly
legitimate businessmen with requests to build private
networks that offer secure, encrypted communication.
Sometimes they are paid with computer equipment;
sometimes they don’t even have to be paid. “They tell them,
‘You know, the government is all over everything, it’s not
right. Help us keep the government away.’ And the hacker
thinks, ‘This is an interesting problem,’ and starts to do it,”
Felix said. Many never realized they’ve been tricked, and are
oblivious to the potential dangers.
Cybercrime is a thorny topic to pin down. Investigators can’t
talk about specific cases. Companies don’t talk about it at
all. That leaves the computer underground — an anonymous
world — rife with rumors and exaggerations.

Felix refused to offer details on most of his investigations, but
he did relay a story about a Portugese bank which lost
millions of dollars through a scheme implemented by one of
its own system administrators several years ago.

Mehr davon

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-10-29
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