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Zensur: Surfnazis bei Yahoo Frankreich Druck mich
Date: 2000-05-24T22:14:58

Zensur: Surfnazis bei Yahoo Frankreich

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Zur Entscheidung eines französischen Gerichts, dass Yahoo
Frankreich den Zugang zu Auktionen von Nazi-Devotionalien
über seine Sites blockierne müsse [Hintergrund siehe Link
below] Auszüge aus einem Posting von Meryem Marzouki
[Iris France] auf der internen Liste der Global Internet Liberty

post/scrypt: Die Fragen dazu stellte Peter Kuhm von
VIBE.AT, die nach einem Proposal der quintessenz in den
globalen Dachverband der Civil Libertarians beigetreten ist.

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The judgement says that since pages can be
accessed by users in France, these pages must respect the
French law (this is the most crazy thing I've ever heard. What
is normally considered is that a site edited by a French
person/company/org in any place of the world or by a
person/company/org established in France must respect the
French law, and that's all). It seems that the judgement also
says that the French subsidiary should also put a
warning on its site, saying something like "accessing the auction pages may lead to a violation of the
French law". I cannot really comment since the text of the
judgement is not yet available, but nothing in the French law
says that it is forbidden to consult or read or see (or maybe
even possess, but I have to check that) nazi material. What
is against the French law is to publicly exhibit, sell, or wear
such material (except for the purpose of making a movie, or
things like that). This means that if a French person access
to nazi material on a web page, the violation of the French
law will be made by the editor of this site, and not by the
person who is accessing it !

Our position, in our reaction published yesterday, was to
recommend that LICRA and UEJF and others, instead of
suing companies like Yahoo, should organize the boycott of
such companies, since in fact they aren't proposing nazi
material for ideological purposes, but simply because there
are customers for that, and that this boycott may have a
pedagogical result in the fight against neo-nazism, together
with an economical impact on yahoo. Another
recommendation we've made is that the French Parliament
should examine the possibility to forbid that companies
which are violating the French law be established in France,
or have French subsidiary. In fact, their establishment is
actually forbidden in this case, since, by definition, a
company established in France should respect the French
law. As a matter of fact, the newly adopted Directive on e-
commerce has a very precise definition of the 'country of
establishement' for a given company.

> >What is new and crazy is what the jugde has decided. >

This case can however be (by some aspects only) compared
to the Felix Somm/Compuserve case in Germany
(condemned in 1998, and released afterwards).

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The Global Internet Liberty Campaign

Iris France

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relayed by Harkank
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