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Date: 2000-04-21

EU-Parlament: ECHELON Termin 4. Mai

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EU-Parlament: ECHELON Termin 4. Mai

Das Datum für die Einsetzung eines nicht/ständigen Ausschusses
im EU-Parlament wurde mit 4. Mai nun fest gelegt. Der Text, den
der Vorsitzende des Komitees für Bürgerrechte, Graham Watson,
dazu verfasst hat, liest sich jedenfalls recht gut
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The European Parliament will meet on May 4th and is expected to
ratify proposals to modify international law to deal with international
telecommunications espionage, and to set up a temporary special
committee to further investigate the Echelon controversy.

The proposals, collectively known as the Echelon resolution,
drafted by Graham Watson MEP, Chairman of the Committee on
Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs, assert
that international spying on communications should be identified as
a breach of fundamental human rights.

The motion for debate in May argues that all future interceptions
must "have a legal basis, be in the public interest and be strictly
limited to the achievement of the intended objective . . . Any form of
systematic interception cannot be regarded as consistent with that
principle, even if the intended aim is to fight against international
crime." It also bluntly asks that "any Member State operating such
a system should cease to use it" except for proper purposes of
internationally agreed sharing of information to fight serious crime
or terrorism. If passed, only strictly military and defence matters
would be covered under the "national security" exemption to the
treaties joining Europe's nations.

The exact scope for the committee of enquiry will be settled at a
meeting of high level parliamentarians shortly afterwards. Political
groupings within the Parliament have wrangled over what sort of
committee should be appointed, and the investigative powers it
should be granted.

For more on the European Parliament Committee on Citizens'
Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs:

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-04-21
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