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Date: 1999-06-16

GILC: Zensur in YU, Linke mit Crypto Im UK

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In YU haben die gesetzlich ermächtigten Behörden gerade
nichts besseres zu tun, als Redakteure von Radiostationen
anzuklagen. IM UK herrscht Misstrauen über einen
Gesetzesentwurf, der heikle Punkte wie die
Export/kontrollen diskret unterschlägt.
[UK] und, zwei distinguished members der Global
Internet Liberty Campaign versuchen, dagegen Öffentlichkeit
zu schaffen.

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Yaman Akdeniz
15 June, 1999
In a letter sent to the Prime Minister, the Board Members of
Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) criticised the recently
published Cabinet Office Report entitled Encryption and Law
Enforcement. The letter states that "while we welcome this
report as an initial step, we are concerned to find that it
places too much emphasis on the value of encryption in
support of business interests whilst giving insufficient
attention to the interests and concerns of consumers and
private citizens."

The letter (which is available through http://www.cyber- also stated that the board
members of Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) are
surprised and concerned about the legislative proposals that
the Cabinet Office report contains, which seem to propose
steps that could remove important civil rights and protections.

Dr. Brian Gladman, Technology Policy Adviser for Cyber-
Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) stated that:

"The absence of any coverage of cryptography export
controls and their detrimental impact on electronic commerce
is a surprising and serious omission. This appears to be an
attempt on the part of Government to divert attention from an
area where their ongoing actions are totally inconsistent with
their stated aim of promoting electronic commerce."

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TRhe Association of Independent Electronic Media in Yugoslavia today protests most sternly at the laying of misdemeanour charges against Zoran Malesevic, the owner of Radio Senta and VK Radio in Kikinda, the ban on Television Mladenovac and the continuing confiscations of periodicals being
distributed across the Yugoslav borders. ANEM also salutes the resumption of work by Television Soko, the independent broadcaster in Sokobanja.

Zoran Malesevic will appear today in a hearing in the Kikinda Municipal Misdemeanour Court on charges filed against him by the Yugoslav Telecommunications Ministry. The ministry claims Mr Malesevic has been operating radio stations without a licence. On the night of April 2 the ministry banned
Radio VK, VK II Channel and Radio Senta with the justification that the stations had been "operating against the interests of the defence of the country". Now the ministry claims that Malesevic did not have licences for his radio stations. This is despite the fact that the ministry had received
complete documentation in the public frequency competition of February 1998, which obliged the ministry to issue the licence as it had collected fees for the use of the frequencies from Mr Malesevic's stations. The ministry has repeatedly undertaken similar actions over more than half a year,
initiating misdemeanour procedures against the owners of all banned stations. ANEM demands that the misdemeanour agencies dismiss the charges against Mr Malesevic, as has happened with the owners of all ANEM affiliates which have been subject to similar charges. ANEM also warns that such
repression is increasingly targeting owners and editors rather than media companies.

On the night of June 12, the Yugoslav Telecommunications Ministry banned Television Mladenovac, which was operating as an outlet of Studio B Television. At the same time, Studio B Television was ordered to continue rebroadcasting news programs from state Radio Television Serbia with the
justification that the state of war in Yugoslavia was still current. Although it formally rejected the ministry's order, Studio B has resumed rebroadcasts of the RTS prime time news show, saying that it was doing so out of professional solidarity as the general manager of state television had
requested continuation of the rebroadcasts for "another couple of days". Studio B demanded that Television Mladenovac be permitted to resume operations immediately.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-06-16
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