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Date: 1999-02-18

EFF: Tamara Lemmey neue Direktorin

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Gerade rechtzeitig vor der 10 Wiederkehr des Gründungstags
der Electronic Frontier Foundation hat sich selbige
Avantgarde eine neue Führung verpasst. Die neue Direktorin
heisst Tamara Lemmey & bringt [siehe unten] eine
eindrucksvolle vita electronica mit. Barry Steinhardt hatte das
Amt im Spätsommer des letzten Jahres wegen
Arbeitsüberlastung zurückgelegt & ist jetzt "nur noch"
Ececutive Director der American Civil Liberties Union.

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To: The Internet Community From: Lori Fena, Chairman,
Electronic Frontier Foundation Date: Wednesday, February
17, 1999 Re: EFF's New Executive Director

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I announce on behalf of the
Electronic Frontier Foundation that Tara Lemmey will be
joining the Foundation as its new Executive Director. The
executive search process that began last October was highly
competitive and attracted applications from exceptional
candidates from around the world.

This year promises to be a very important one for Tara and
the Foundation, as we are on the cusp of both a new
millennium and EFF's 10th anniversary. We expect that
Congress will be just as busy this year in drafting new
Internet legislation as it was last year, during which over 300
bills regulating some component of cyberspace were
introduced. In addition, EFF has two major First Amendment
cases pending in federal courts this year, one challenging the
government's export controls on encryption and another one
contesting a new law censoring speech on the Internet under
the guise of protecting children. This year will also mark an
increased global focus for the organization, building on last
year's important work in Eastern and Central Europe and
continuing its involvement with the Global Internet Liberty

Tara is an experienced entrepreneur who has been involved
with the Internet community for the last decade. She is a
well-known data and privacy practitioner with private sector
expertise in linking electronic commerce and media. She is
the founder and board member of Narrowline and holds board
advisory roles with TRUSTe, Metasound, and eNutrition. In
addition, she has been an advisor to the U.S. Postal Service
and Cybercash in the area of e-commerce.

Her involvement last year with the Federal Trade
Commission's Internet privacy hearings brought her to the
forefront of the industry in the development of privacy
practices through the cooperation of industry with
government. Tara also participated in the White House
Framework for Global Economic Commerce, the World Wide
Web Consortium (W3C) as an Advisory Board member for
Technology and Society, and in the W3C's Platform for
Privacy Preferences standard. She is a frequent speaker on
a wide range of topics related to e-commerce, media, and
privacy, including recent presentations at Internet World,
Jupiter Communication's Advertising Conference, The Aspen
Institute, the United Nations forum on electronic commerce,
and PC Forum.

On March 5, EFF's staff and board members will be hosting
an open house in San Francisco for our friends, sponsors,
and supporters to join us in welcoming Tara to the
Foundation. I encourage you to stop by and introduce
yourself to her and other EFF members. The event will begin
at 5:00 PM and take place in our building's penthouse suite
at 1550 Bryant Street (between 15th and 16th streets).


Lori Fena, Chairman Electronic Frontier Foundation

Relayed by
Alex Fowler via

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-02-18
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