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Date: 1998-05-24

Event: Scrambling for Safety in London

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Event: Scrambling for Safety in London
ist die Neuauflage des letztjährigen, von Privacy International ersonnenen europäischen


Privacy, security and commercial implications of the UK and EU crypto policy announcements

On May 29th, there will be a successor to last year's Scrambling for
Safety conference. It will be held at University College, London; it is
motivated by the DTI's recent cryptography policy announcement, and by the
EU's proposed directive on digital signatures.
This conference will provide a public forum for the Government and the
European Commission to explain their policy initiatives to industry,
commerce and the professions, and for interested parties to provide their
initial feedback. It will consist of four sessions at each of which two or
three speakers will present the issues, followed by a period of

There will be no cost for members of the public to attend

Register at
or follow directions below.


9:50 - Welcome
iRoss Anderson, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory iIan Brown,
University College, London iSimon Davies, Privacy International

10:00 - Presentation of Government and Commission Proposals
Chair: Caspar Bowden, Scientists for Labour
i`The Government's cryptography policy proposals', Nigel Hickson, DTI
i`European crypto policy - new developments', Richard Schlechter, European

11:00 - Tea

11:30 - Industrial and Commercial Responses
Chair: Ian Brown, University College, London
i`Have business criticisms really been addressed?', Chris Sundt, CBI
i`Understanding and managing the risks', Jeremy Hilton, ICX

13:00 - Lunch

14:00 - Human Rights versus National Security
Chair: Simon Davies, Privacy International
i`Privacy, human rights, surveillance and cryptography: An international
view', David Banisar, EPIC i`Information warfare and key escrow',
Whitfield Diffie, Sun Microsystems

15:00 - Coffee

15.30 p.m. - The Broader View
Chair: Ross Anderson, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
i`A lawyer's view of the new policy', Nicholas Bohm, Law Society working
group on digital signatures i`The view of Britain's general
practitioners', John Williams, Joint Computing Group of the Royal College
of General Practitioners and the BMA's General Medical Services Committee
i`The liberal view', David Chidgey MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesman for
Trade and Industry

17:00 - Close


There will be no cost for members of the public to attend. However last
year's conference was oversubscribed, so please reserve your place by
filling in this registration form.

If you have difficulties with the form, you can send email to with your name, organisation, address, telephone,
email and PGP fingerprint. However we'd prefer you to use the form as it
will (hopefully) save us a lot of work.


iEuropean Commission cryptography policy announcement.

iUK Government cryptography policy announcement.

iThe Labour party's pre-election position on encryption.

iDepartment of Trade and Industry, "Licensing of Trusted Third Parties for
the Provision of Encryption Services", 19 March 1997 (the previous
government's policy proposal), and some of the responses to it.

iDepartment of Trade and Industry, Paper on Regulatory Intent Concerning
Use of Encryption on Public Networks, June 1996.

iLast year's Scrambling for Safety conference.

iThe Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties home page has an impressive collection
of articles and links relating to UK policy issues. See also the Campaign
Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain, CDT, EPIC, EFF and GILC.

iPreliminary results of a survey carried out by Brian Gladman on attitudes
to the previous government's policy.

iRoss Anderson's 1995 paper Crypto in Europe - Markets, Law and Policy
surveys the uses of cryptography in Europe and points out some
misconceptions that still persist in government policy statements.


The venue is off Gordon Street, a short walk from Euston station. Here is
a map. Best take public transport, as parking in this neighbourhood is
both difficult to find and expensive.

May 29, 1998
Bloomsbury Theatre
University College, London

Organised by:
University College, London
Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
Privacy International

Chairman: Ross Anderson, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory

Sponsored by:
The Cyber Angel EXR Encryptor

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1998-05-24
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